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Randy and Melissa

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Mike retired from years at Florida Power and Light.  Mike and his wife Juli made the decision to retire to The Real Florida, and have never looked back.  They are both integral members of the community.  Both are artisans who do beautiful work.


They both have creations available in the Craft Store at the Stephen Foster Park located in White Springs.


The bowls and plates used in the cottage were created by Mke on a lathe in his shop a couple blocks from the Cottage.  The bowls and plates were created from a Sweet Gum Tree located on a lot across the street that was removed to install the fruit orchard.


Mike & Juli Batusic


Martine’s family has resided in White Springs for generations.  Martine has many talents. Martine worked at the Stephen Foster Park as a young man.  He was fortunate to be able to work with some of the master gardeners that designed and tended the flora and fauna at the park. 


Martine was involved with The Cottage restoration from day one, and we could not have done without him.


Martine has a knack for carving walking sticks out of local limbs recovered as he walks the trails around town.  Some of his custom designed carvings are available in the Cottage to be used on a hike, or may be purchased at the store on this website.

Hiking Stick

Martine "Pokey" Young